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I have unfortunately found myself in a very difficult position.
At the beginning of this week I went to a bar with the uncle that lives in my house. He made several passes at me. I was startled by the situation. Its not like he actually physically crossed any boundaries, but verbally he did. When I confronted the family about the event they did not understand why I had a problem with it. I still can not understand this part of the story. After much thought and consideration I felt that it was best that I move out of my home here in Brasil.

I am incredibly heartbroken by this decision. The family is lovely and I have become attached to them, but I feel that I absolutely deserve a certain level of respect. I am not sure that this situation would ever occur again- but even so it is uncomfortable for me.

Like I said- this is very hard.
I wish that I could stay somehow.

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Today, I have seen several chickens cross the road and I was cornered by a monkey gang.
Oh, Brasil.

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Today, I have been incredibly homesick. I expected this to happen sooner or later but I do not find it to be a negative emotion. Maybe it's necessary. I miss home but not enough to go home. In a lot of ways this might even be more like home now. It is a complete family and even though I absolutely love my family in the United States they are very broken.

Perhaps this is exactly what I needed.

I went for a walk in the park with Leonardo this afternoon and I love his company because he reminds me so much of my little brother J.J. He is absolutely hilarious and very intelligent. His favorite band is AC DC and he is sort of obsessed with video games (a typical 14 yr. old boy) Today he really made me laugh when asked: "does you know this song 'Highway to Hell'?".
I have also been missing Peter these days. Almost every song reminds me of him and I listen to a lot of music.

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This weekend has been a blur. It's difficult for me to remember everything that has happened in just two days, but I feel that it could be important that I write it down.

Yesterday, Drema & I decided to travel to Brasilia with our friends Wellington & Jean Pedro. They are just some of the very friendly people that I have encountered here. On our way there we talked and joked for hours and right before we reached a restaurant in Brasilia -Wellington's car started acted funny. He has a stick shift (as most people do here) and the gears were stuck. For a total of about 10 seconds the car slowed down and at this time a car that was following very closely behind plowed into the back of Wellington's car. His car was then thrown into the side of a massive transportation truck which then spun his car into a median. The glass of the back window shattered everywhere and the tires came off of the car.

It was positively terrifying.
I did not cry or speak- I just sat very still. I could hear Wellington sobbing in the front seat. Drema and I hugged him and comforted him the best that we could but he was far too upset. He just kept crying and speaking portuguese very quickly. I could not understand him. His car was in bad condition but all of us were without a single scratch.

Drema & I remained very calm through the entire process. Wellington was extremely frantic and Jean Pedro was taking charge.
We waited outside of the restaurant for hours and I honestly had no idea how we were getting home. I was making me anxious and it was getting very dark. After hours of waiting on the insurance company we finally had a taxi home. Wellington informs me that I should not tell anyone about the accident. I am not certain of his reason, but I decided to be honest about everything. I suppose that he is afraid of being blamed, but it was not his fault.

Anyway, I finally made it home by 3 a.m. and I have never been so grateful. I don't think that I will be riding in cars here anymore.

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